"Photography is nothing. It is life that interests me."

- Henry Cartier-Bresson

For me, being a photographer means that I am here to document the moments that really convey who we are. They are illusive, defining, true, and real. They are the in between moments of life that we feel in our hearts, and rarely get to keep in a tangible way.

And it's essential to me for my clients to know why they're hiring me as their photographer.

You've invited me into your home, your life, your dearest day. The reasons behind why I'm a photographer are many, and deeply rooted in who I am - but can be based most simply in, well, you. Your adventure. I'm here to document it, and that's something that I take so seriously. My favorite thing about being a photographer is that it gives me the ability to be a part of so many stories. I view weddings as the most delightful of stories, filled to the brim with excitement and deepest connections, love. I want to be there from the moment you begin your day to the moment you leave, and for everything in between. Your wedding is not something that I check off my list.....it's dear to my heart, and capturing the essence of your story is the thing that makes my job so wonderfully joyous.