"There are no strangers in here, just friends you haven't met."




Hello! I'm Sarah. A wedding+portrait photographer with a penchant for (lame) sarcasm and a heart for adventure. I love Jesus. I'm such a fan of honesty and not taking yourself too seriously. I've always been a dreamer, and I love watching hard for magic. I believe that beauty can be sought out and found in every waking moment we're given. I love meeting new friends and then proceeding to ask them a million and one weird questions (be prepared).  I'm always and forever planning a next trip. Also, you should probably be aware that I drink way too much caffeine (and I have no regrets about it). 

I practically grew up with a camera in my hands; and the natural progression from running around our backyard with my Dad's old Minolta to becoming a wedding photographer ultimately comes from my overwhelming desire to preserve the things that mean the most.

For me, photography is a way of making the intangible, tangible. The way we love those around us is often felt, sometimes seen……but being able to capture that for you to keep, is one of the greatest joys I know.


Throughout childhood, I went through different phases of wanting to be a ballerina, an actress, a surgeon, and a worm farmer when I grew up. Still holding out hope for the worms.

I view money in terms of plane tickets.

I'd choose a picnic over a fancy dinner any day.

Fairly famous for my pie making abilities. 

I'm seemingly determined to ruin every pair of shoes I own either through travel or my own clumsiness (which is much).

I tend to make up words.

I delight in nonsense.

I kill every plant I try to befriend.

If you give me anything handwritten, I will keep it forever.