Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kristi and DJ are getting married. | Central Indiana Engagement Photographer

Kristi is one of those people that Jesus sends into my life every once in a while, at just the right time, and leaves a permanent imprint in my heart. I met her last summer at Sarah's graduation party, but didn't really get to know her until we spent almost six hours in the car together while driving back and forth from a surprise birthday party we'd planned for Sarah. I was inexplicably blessed by her as she took the time to get to know me, and spoke the encouraging words and loving advice into my life that I absolutely needed to hear. 

More than one part of this long discussion was about this special guy, DJ, and their relationship. These two have been through more together already than most couples I know, and I feel incredibly thankful just to be able to know them, and their story. When you see them together, there's no doubting the love between them....they treasure each other. And the joy they radiate is absolutely infectious. Getting to see their love story unfold over the past year has been such a testament to me of the abounding grace and love of Jesus.

I was so incredibly excited to take their engagement photos; and I love how they turned out. They used locations that were meaningful to their relationship - like Starbucks and a shelter house in the park. And because they are adorable, they brought several things they'd do on a typical date. Like coloring books and popcorn. (Yes, they're amazing.) They danced, they twirled, they drank a caramel frappe. They moved obnoxious, un-photoworthy trashcans for me with little to no bidding on my part. (And again, yes, they're amazing.)

They were naturals in front of my camera.

I dearly love these people.

With love, Sarah K.